Off Grid Builders—Preparing you for an uncertain future

PREPAREDNESS CONSTRUCTION—The safety and comfort of your family is primary in these uncertain times.  We can help you adapt your current home with energy efficiency and security upgrades, including complete off-grid readiness. Or, we can design and build you an entirely new, secure, and energy efficient off-grid home—one with food production capabilities and ample back-up resources. We have specialized knowledge and years of experience to satisfy your housing construction needs—Off Grid Builders is uniquely qualified to assist you. High profile clients and sophisticated projects are no problem for our assembled team of strategic consultants.  We’ll help you achieve preparedness that gives you peace of mind.

SUSTAINABILITY IMPLEMENTATION—We can provide you with the ability to be secure in your own environment.  Our team of specialized consultants personally will assess your situation and needs, then provide you with the information, education and the implementation proposal necessary to integrate a complete preparedness plan.

Our services include:

  • Food production and storage
  • Personal and family protection
  • Security awareness
  • Off grid functionality
  • Energy efficiency
  • And much more

We have the expertise to bring your project together seamlessly, effectively, and economically.

Your privacy is our concern. We take every opportunity to assure the confidentiality of our clients.

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